Isles of Thunder

2.4 Flight of the Dragon Lord

As the adventurers exit the stronghold they are greeted by Drakis in full dragon form. The blue dragon towers over the stronghold, his mighty wings folded back, smoke rising from his nostrils.
The dragon smiles as he sees the group emerge from the stronghold. “I see you’re all still alive.”
“Mostly,” responds Delver.
“Good,” The dragon bellows. “I have one more favor to ask of you. We must defeat the sky serpent. We have rooted out most of the Broken Shard from the islands, but I fear they may still make a move using the serpent as a weapon. We must not allow that to happen.”
“And how are we supposed to help?” Zeek asks.
The dragon lets out a roar. From above him descend four smaller blue drakes. “They will serve as your mounts.” One by one, the party climbs onto the backs of the drakes. Once everyone was situated Drakis lets out a terrifying roar and launches himself into the sky. There is a resounding beat of leathery wings as the smaller drakes take flight in the wake of the giant dragon. The clouds rushed past as the dragons streamed through the sky. A dark mass of clouds hovers ahead of the dragon’s flight path. The clouds are illuminated by the constant white blue flash of lightning followed by a sizzling crack of thunder.
“There it is,” Drakis shouts back at the adventures. “Prepare yourselves.”
With a mighty beat of his wings the dragon launched straight up in the air. The drakes followed suit, the adventures clinging desperately to hold on to the beasts. They soon found themselves hovering directly over the dark gray clouds.
Drakis turned to him companions. Nothing needed to be said, everyone knew exactly what was to follow. The great dragon folded his wings and dropped straight down into crackling mass of clouds. The smaller drakes waited for a minute longer and then followed.
Delver’s hairs stood on end. Half out of the static electricity that riffled through the air, half from fear. He could see his companions’ drakes hovering nearby, but there was no sign of the sky serpent or of Drakis. He turned to Zeek, who, from the looks, shared his same puzzlement.
The clouds to their left ripped apart and the sky dragon emerged, teeth bared, ready to devour its prey. The giant serpent was halted as Drakis emerged from above, ramming into the serpent and dragging him down. The great dragon’s claws and teeth sunk into the serpent as he tried to hold onto his prey. The drakes followed their master downward, launching blasts of fire at the exposed areas of the serpent. The serpent let out a terrifying shriek. The static electricity seemed to increase all around the party. A malevolent storm of lighting began crackling through the sky, striking the dragon and drakes alike.
The aerial death dance lasted no more than 30 seconds as the serpent thrashed and clawed at the dragon and the drakes. But it ended soon enough as Drakis’s powerful maw clamped down on the serpents neck. With a snap the serpent’s body hung lifeless from the great dragon’s mouth. Drakis opened his mouth sending the lifeless body of the sky serpent falling downward. As the clouds parted the party could hear the loud splash as the serpents body crashed into the water, sinking to the depths below.
“Food for the deep dwellers,” Drakis smiled, licking the blood from his lips.

The crew celebrated their victory all night. Rum was had and stories were shared between the pirates and their new comrades. As morning broke Drakis summoned the adventurer’s to his cabin.
“Once again, I would like to thank you for all the help you provided.” He began. “I do have one more task to ask of you.”
The adventurers let out a resounding sigh.
“My crew found this missive in one of the strongholds. It reveals locations of other Broken Shard strongholds and locations they are targeting. I would like you to deliver this to my sister, Alestraza, in Thunor and warn her of the Broken Shard’s plans in the Dragon Lands.”
“A chance to go home? I’ll take it!” Delver exclaims.
“My sister will see that you are rewarded for your help. Captain Boomer has offered to take you to Thunor. He’s ready to depart whenever you are.”
The party says their final good byes to the crew and board Boomer’s ship.
“So I guess we’re stuck together.” Gauthak says.
“Yep, get used to it,” Delver responds. “It looks like we’re in it for the long haul.”
The sails unfurled and Boomer sends the crew in motion preparing for their journey north to the Dragon Lands.


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